Brianne West - Founder & CEO | Ethique

Pure Ingredients have been an
invaluable asset for Ethique over the last five years. They understand our strict ingredient requirements and processes and make the sourcing process as easy as possible for our team. They are always looking for new developments in green chemistry and have an ear on the ground for new ingredients and fair-trade options from around the world.

Liam Taylor - Managing Director | Shieling Laboratories

Pure Ingredients have played a massive part in the success of
Shieling over the last 15 years and are very much a part of the family. The team are friendly and helpful, nothing is ever too much trouble. They are incredibly resourceful and well connected to manufacturers and suppliers across the world, making them our first point of call for anything we need. They are open, transparent, and reliable and we wouldn’t be where we are without them.     

Carol Taylor - Technical and Compliance Manager | Trilogy Products

Pure Ingredients are a pleasure to work with. They are very responsive and knowledgeable and provide comprehensive ingredient documentation to ensure that ingredient compliance requirements for both local and international markets can be met.

Robyn Henderson - Purchasing Manager | Ecostore NZ

Pure ingredients are a key supplier to Ecostore.  We have worked together for many years; we have found that they don’t just supply product, but they supply solutions.  Working as a partnership they have helped us maintain product quality and innovation.

Steve McClory - COO | Anihana

I can’t speak highly enough of the team at Pure Ingredients.  They are very easy to work with, real problem solvers, and have been a great support to our business throughout our growth journey so far.  Thanks, from all of us at anihana.

KistenRichardson - Business Development & Customs | AAW Logistics

We’ve had the pleasure of being a partner to Pure Ingredients Ltd for just over a year.  It’s clear to see that they have an amazing network of trusted partners, providing them with incredible ingredients from across the world. What is also obvious though, is the care shown by the team in every interaction, and the core values which underpin the Company”.   

Klavdija Lukman - Head Cosmetic Chemist | Essano Limited

When anyone asks me what a single word would be to describe a Pure Ingredients, the first thing that comes to my mind is EXCELLENT… in everything they
do. Truly reliable, flexible, and honest business partner.

The company delivers brilliant customer service with mostly
immediate response to all sorts of enquiries.

They are also extremely proactive in these challenging times of
supply shortage and huge logistics

problems, by working closely with their principals and customers.

They have a clear goal: to make their customers happy and stocked with everything they need.

It is a real pleasure to work with a company like this!

Jennifer Del Bel –Managing Director | Downlights NZ

I have worked with the Pure Ingredients team for 9 years
now. I keep going back due to the tremendous customer service I have received, professionalism and of course, the outstanding consistency of providing quality
products. Any concern, big or small, is addressed professionally and expediently. The Pure Ingredients team has always provided excellent advice and
they are a pleasure to work with. 

Thomas Kerfoot - Co-Founder | O&3 - The Oil Family

Having worked with Pure Ingredients for well over a decade, we absolutely recognise their values to deliver quality product, quality documentation and keen pricing, which is why they are a leader in naturals field. Their mutual respect for all stakeholders makes them a go to supplier within the southern
hemisphere. We work first hand with Pure Ingredients to ensure they are well armed with the latest in natural oil innovation, origin stories and market
updates. Pure Ingredients has a clear appetite to be on the front lines of market trends, and that they are with the introduction of new & unique ingredients throughout the year, delivering its clients innovation right to
their door. We very much consider the team at Pure Ingredients as part of our
wider O&3 “Oil family” and value the strength in relationship, transparency, and willingness to promote the use of natural ingredients within the
nutritional & beauty sector.

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